Illuminations began as a 12-page bi-annual folded newsletter that is mailed to donors and special friends of The Franklin Institute. As time went on I felt it needed a bit of an upgrade, especially for the audience it goes out to. I presented the idea and led the team to turn the newsletter into a "living" piece. (Instead of only reviewing the past 6 months and including a tiny Save the Date box.) It has now evolved into a 28 page magazine you see below, that reviews past events as well as featuring our upcoming events and workshops as full and half-page ads throughout!
Client Testimonial:
"Two of our toughest critics...both reached out to us independently and unsolicited to tell us how impressed they are with the new design. One even asked for extra copies so she could give them to her friends! Everyone we’ve spoken with has nothing but positive things to say and I want you to know how appreciated your hard work is. This issue of Illuminations is making waves and we can’t wait to start the next one!"
— Donor Relations Coordinator

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